• Jan Gleisner

Welcome to silentcommunication!

Starting up - a blog about silent communication. "Body language" probably pops up in many readers minds, but there is more. A lot more. In time you will be able to read about it here - this blog will cover a vast area of non verbal communication.

Do you need it? Nope. But. You are already using it. And others are using it on you. In that perspective it could be a good thing to know what is actually being said, between the lines. What is actually happening between people either it's about a job interview, about dates, social gatherings or just you, trying to communicate with yourself.

This is not like learning a new language, which gives you more access to a specific country and it's culture. It's more like learning all languages, on a basic level. Because a lot of non verbal communication, especially body language, is universial. Silent communication says it all!

#welcome #hands #gesture

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