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Body language: Popular among feet

When people get together they tend to talk. With their feet too. Easy situations to read are when people mingle - standing in random groups during light conversations. They tend to place their feet accordning to what attracts most of their attention - both feet pointing towards that persons primary focus. Have a look at the picture here - it can visualize a tiny conversation in body language:

Feet - mingle - nonverbal communication

1. Two persons in a discussion, while a third person approaches and gets invited by the person to the right (turning his/her foot closest to the stranger slightly towards him/her, like opening a door).

3. If the attention gets equally distributed between the three groupmembers all pair of feet will move so that all feet points towards the imagined center of the group.

4. There could also be any theese scenarios, combined in sequences:

A. All attention is turned towards one person (the others feet are turned completely towards him/her).

B. Someone gradually looses attention (feet are gradually turned away from him/her).

C. Someone becomes excluded (no feet points towards him/her).

D. Someone wants to leave ("opening a door" with one foot towards the "exit" in mind).

E. Someone badly wants wants to leave (both feet pointing towards the "exit" in mind).

Combining the scenarios described would give a hint of the group dynamics going on in general. Combining with what is actually said would give additional hints of how different subjects in the verbal communication are received between group members. Feet will probably start pointing towards the person who shares most good vibes in the group but pointing away from the one who cracks the lousiest joke of the week.

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