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Read a person: Non verbal cues

Nonverbal cues - nonverbal communication

Top down, inside out

Without going to deep into every nonverbal cue (see separate posts for that) one could categorize them from top-down and center-out.

The body

With a specific person in the center one could start looking at the body itself, from top-down: Posture, hygien and grooming - things that can tell something how a person is managing his/her body, the vessel of the rest of the appearance. Is it

fit, boosted with silicon or neglected? Visual disabilaties may add to the picture.

Body language

With this body the person express him-/herself throu the body language. Here you look especially at face and hands but also at the feet as those body parts tends to tell a lot. The face mimic is a large chapter itself - this part of the body is said to be able show thousands of expressions. On the face one should focus on the eyes and mouth. Moving down: Hands tells a lot too, especially where they are put, where they point, if they block and with how much speed and strength they are used. The feet may be less well articulated than the hands but usually gives a hint by where they are pointing (towards the main attraction) and how they are put relatively each other.

Clothes and accessories

On the body there (usually) are clothes and accessories (including wearable tech's like cellhpone, headphones etc). Those express choices of color, material, value, functionality, design - preferences usually shines through here, as well as what kind of life has been brougth upon this person. Even how the clothes and accessories are kept: New and shiny or old and worn, or even more revealing combinations like new and worn or old and shiny. Right outside the person and his/her wearings are other things that the person posess like a home and it's interior/exterior, a vehicle etc, basically telling the same as clothes and accessories.

Time spent

In a perifer area one also finds preferences as one here looks at where a person chooses to spend his/hers time. These non verbal ques are harder to spot at a quick glance, but they can express deeper values that the person build his/her choices on.

Never a single que

A single non verbal cue seldom explains anything by itself. Rather the combination of cues (including speach) that weaves a sometimes clear pattern (congruent communication) and sometimes fuzzy pattern (non-congruent communication). A clear pattern is trustworthy. A fuzzy pattern on the other hand signals that the person could have an internal conflict of some sort, or is trying to hide his/her actual thoughts and feelings.

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